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Leading expertise

Groupe-conseil Forchemex ltée is a leading expert in the engineering of resource access roads. Acquired over the past 35 years, this expertise has enabled us to complete more than 150 major projects, totaling over 4,000 kilometers of access roads. Our customers operate mainly in the forestry, mining and energy (hydraulic and wind) sectors. We have also been involved in projects with developers of residential and resort developments, RCMs, municipalities, parks, wildlife reserves and tourist centers.

Territorial access

Whether you’re looking to renovate or build a new access to a nearby or remote area, we tailor our projects to the specific needs and criteria of each customer, while respecting their schedule and budget.

Studies and scenarios

-Photo-interpretation studies and scenarios for accessing a territory;
-Diagnosis of existing roads (rehabilitation or upgrading);
-Design of plans, specifications and cost estimates (preliminary, construction);
-Optimization, location and marking of clearing corridors for access roads, power lines and pipelines;
-Hydrographic studies of river crossings;

Topographic surveys

-Topographical surveys of bridge sites and future campsites;
-Topographic surveys with drone and data processing;
-Design and dimensioning of river crossing structures;
-Permit applications and related preliminary studies (deforestation, environmental CA, opening of borrow pits or quarries);
-Design surveying (layout layout, profile optimization, volumetric terrain calculations);

Project management

-Project management and cost control (construction, rehabilitation and land clearing);
-Site supervision (construction, environment);
-Control costs for clearing, building or repairing access roads;
-Soil identification and search for borrow pits;
Transport cycle studies.