Proud of our young, dynamic team

Forchemex employs some 35 people, including forestry engineers, forestry technicians and technologists, as well as surveyors and civil engineering technicians. Each with their own special skills, the team works together in synergy, allowing us to optimize our work.

Meet our team!

Antoine Proulx - ing.f.

General Manager

Employed since 1998!

General Manager of the company since 2020, Antoine has been involved in a number of major projects, including sawmill yard layouts, engineering of the main access roads to the La Romaine hydroelectric complex in Havre St-Pierre, the access road to Rio Tinto’s Tio iron and titanium mine in Havre St-Pierre, and main access roads for major forestry companies in Quebec, accumulating over 30 years of experience. With a B.Sc. in forest resource management, he specializes in planning, locating, optimizing routes, monitoring and managing road construction projects providing access to resources. He is also the engineer in charge of forest inventory and mapping contracts for the MRNF, as well as a trainer for forestry companies and the OIFQ. In addition, he acts as a consultant for various customers in the forestry, private, mining and energy sectors.

Pierre-Antoine Labrecque - ing.f.

Project Manager

On the job since 2022!

With a cooperative BAC in forest operations, Pierre-Antoine specializes in forest roads and environmental monitoring. In his previous positions, he was responsible for forestry and environmental certification, and for the smooth operation of the Programme de remboursement des coûts pour des activités d’aménagement forestier sur les chemins multiusages (PRCCM). He has also worked on the restoration of water crossings for regional operations for the MRNF bridges and roads division in Quebec City.

Johanie Duchesne - Tech. forestry

Forestry Technician

Employed since 2023!

With a DEC in forestry technology, Johanie had completed 2 years in building estimating technology before completing her DEC in forestry! Having worked during her internships in reforestation and the environment, Johanie is mainly involved in environmental monitoring on wind turbine sites.

Frédéric Fortin-Lamarre - Tech. forester

Forestry technician

On the job since 2022!

With a DEP in forest management, Frédéric already has nearly 10 years’ experience in the forestry industry. Working mainly on DIF and DRF forest inventory projects as a team leader, Frédéric has also been involved in photo-interpretation for the past few months.

Hubert Roy-Pelletier - Tech. forester

Forestry technician

On the job since 2022!

With a DEC in forestry technology, Hubert has over 6 summer seasons of forest inventory to his credit. A team leader for Forchemex since its inception, he has also been involved in photo-interpretation for several months.

Caroll- Ann Genest - Tech. forestry

Forestry Technician

On the job since 2022!

With a DEP in forest management, Caroll-Ann has had an unusual career! Having worked internationally in the agricultural sector for almost 10 years, she has also been involved in reforestation in western Canada. Since she started with us, she has carried out forest inventories for DIF and DRF as assistant to the team leader. For the past few months, she has been learning photo-interpretation.

Philippe Gaudreault - Tech. survey

Project manager and surveyor

On the job since 2022!

Philippe holds two vocational diplomas, in forest management and in surveying and topography. He works as a survey technician, and is also in charge of forest road construction projects, environmental monitoring and surveying for various mandates. He has recently added another string to his bow as a draughtsman using RoadEng, Autocad and Civil 3D software.

Éric Lafrance - Tech. civil engineering

CAD/CAM project manager and drone pilot

On the job since 2021!

With a DEC in civil engineering technology, Éric has been working with us for several years now. Although he’s recently had his own company, he’s decided to pursue his career path with us. Working mainly on CivilCad and as a CAD/CAM specialist for various types of projects, Éric is also a good ally for lumberyard layout projects.

Stéphane Riopel - ing.f.

Project Manager

On the job since 2022!

Stéphane has held a BAC in forestry operations since 1994, and specializes mainly in operations roads. Born into a family that worked in forestry in the Lanaudière region, he is passionate about the forest. Stéphane began his career in 1994 with Forestiers REBEC in the greater Mauricie region. He specializes in locating and planning logging roads, which he does during the winter, while during the summer he acts as forest road supervisor and foreman. With a 30-year career under his belt, Stéphane is the Mauricie region’s greatest connoisseur. He joined Groupe-conseil Forchemex in 2022.

Danny Labonté - tech. forester

forestry technologist & associate

Employed since 2003!

With a DEC in forest management, Danny has been working in the forestry industry for over 20 years. He spends part of the year on forest inventory projects, where he is a recognized project manager, having supervised and carried out several sample plots of various types for DIF, DRF and forestry companies. He also applies his field experience to photo-interpretation projects for the MRNF. He is also involved in various forest road projects, both in the field and in the office.

Our pensioners

Guy Gilbert, ing.f. – 2023

Jean Boily, tech. for. & associate – 2022

Roger Allaire, tech. for. & associate – 2022

Guy Rochette, ing.f. & partner, president – 2020

Claude Saint-Laurent, photo-interpreter – 2020

Micheline Cloutier, adj. adm. – 2018

Roland Chouinard, tech. for. – 2018

Marc-André Gagnon, tech. for. – 2018

Maurice Harvey, tech. for. & associate – 2018

Claude Labrecque, tech. for. – 2015

Gilles Lapointe, tech. for. – 2014

Laurent Pelletier - ing.f., M.Sc.

Operations Manager, Roads and Forestry

Employed since 2007!

Since starting out in 2007, Laurent has had the opportunity to develop his career by working on several forestry and mining road projects. His interpersonal skills and strong project management abilities have enabled him to grow within the company. With a bachelor’s degree in forestry operations and a master’s in civil engineering, Laurent specializes in unpaved roads providing access to resources. His varied experience means that he has excellent knowledge of the forestry, energy and mining sectors. He is also the engineer in charge of forest inventory and mapping contracts for the MRNF. He also gives university courses a few times a year.

Serge Lachance - ing.f.

General Manager

Employed since 2008!

With a Bachelor’s degree in forest management and environment, Serge is responsible for projects in forest roads, mining and energy. In addition to his expertise in private forests, particularly maple groves, he carries out design surveying, road construction follow-up, supervision and work management for various types of road and line-clearing projects. Serge’s interpersonal skills enable him to establish good contacts with the various stakeholders from the outset of a mandate.

Samuel Guillemette-Lacasse - Tech. forestry

Forestry Technician

On the job since 2022!

With a DEP in forest management, Samuel has acquired experience in forest inventory in his previous jobs. He acts as team leader on forest inventory projects for the DIF and DRF.

Matthieu Périsse - Tech. forester

Forestry technician

On the job since 2020!

Matthieu holds a DEP in wildlife protection and harvesting, as well as a DEP in forest management. After working on inventory projects in 2015 and 2016, he has been back with the company since 2020. Now team leader on DIF and DRF forest inventory projects, Matthieu has carved out a niche for himself through his professionalism and ability to learn.

Collin Tremblay - Tech. forester

Forestry technician

On the job since 2020!

With a DEC in forestry technology, Collin has been working for several years. He is mainly assigned to forest inventory projects for the DIF and DRF as team leader. Once the inventory season is over, he works on forest road projects and also does photo-interpretation.

Charles Bélanger - Tech. forester

Forestry technician

On the job since 2022!

With a DEP in forest management, Charles has been assigned to various forest road projects, as well as working as a forest inventory assistant for the DIF and DRF.

Martin Hamel - Tech. forester

Project Manager

Employed since 2002!

In addition to holding a DEC in forest management and a certificate in computer science, Martin has specialized in geomatics through various training courses on ER Mapper, ArcGIS and Python software, as well as satellite image rectification and processing. An experienced photo-interpreter, Martin is in charge of managing and structuring ecoforest mapping projects. He also responds to various customer requests concerning cartography and geomatics.

Marc Proulx - ing.f.

Project Manager

Employed since 2023!

With a BAC in forest resource management (1990), Marc also obtained a certificate in horticulture and green space management in 2003. With over 25 years’ experience in the municipal sector, he has acquired solid expertise in urban forestry. Passionate about the First Nations, he is the proud father of 4 children, including 3 Innu. Her role as a local foster family for an aboriginal community has enabled her to develop a level of privileged relations with various aboriginal communities in Quebec.

Marylène Germain

Administrative & Accounting Assistant

Employed since 2010!

After studying art and teaching, Marylène developed a keen interest in administration and general accounting. Versatile, loyal, organized and structured, Marylène has a good sense of priorities and is able to manage several files at the same time. Her experience within the company makes her a person who wants to optimize ways of working in order to be more efficient.

Marylène enjoys being by the water or in the forest, hiking or snowshoeing. Passionate about visual arts and textiles, she’s always looking for inspiration for new projects!

Brandon Privé - tech. forester

Forestry technician

Employed since 2018!

Passionate about the forest, Brandon holds a DEC in forestry technology. Brandon has been working in the forestry sector for ten years, mainly as a project manager on forest inventory mandates for the DIF or DRF. He has also been involved in a number of road and forestry projects, as well as line cutting.

Gabriel Lazure - tech. Geomatics

Geomatics Technologist

On the job since 2024!

With a degree in geomatics, a diploma in computer science and a BAC in forestry operations, Gabriel has been working in forestry geomatics for 7 years. Combining his computer skills with those associated with geomatics, Gabriel has developed utilities to automate analysis processes in various forestry mandates.